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// Origin:  Based in Nashville, TN
//  Genres: Indie Pop
//  Label:  Luno Rae
//  Website:  www.lunorae.com

Dear listener, 
As you listen to these songs, I hope you gain a sense of remembrance. Through my first love, unrequited love and my last love, these songs grew to live together on this album. 
So, whatever love you have experienced or are in at the moment, I hope a memory sparks and stays in your heart as you hear these songs. 
Your life is not defined by your occupation or by the things you have, but by the love you give and the relationships you form. 
May you experience new sound memories everyday and have a brilliant soundtrack for the rest of your life.
Sincerely-   Luno


Luno Rae is a singer songwriter, dreamer and explorer on a musical journey to create "sound memories."  She describes sound memories by saying “Just like your tongue remembers a taste, your ears remember a sound and in turn, your heart remembers a feeling that will always linger when you hear that specific melody. That’s what music can do for you and this is what I strive to achieve."     
She speaks three different languages: English, Lahu and Thai and enjoys learning about different cultures and dialects, especially French.  Luno Rae holds a degree in music business and a minor in music. Music is Luno Rae’s first love, she is also a seamstress and a professional cake decorator.  

A third of Luno Rae’s music and melodies flow from what she likes to call  ‘dream songs’.  “When your body and soul are ready to tell a story, let it do what it needs to and just let that sound come out.” says the dreamer.  
Since vocals are Luno's first instrument you will hear a diverse quality. Some of her vocals feel innocent and raw. Others have a smooth and soulful quality yet sometimes she reaches notes that are rough and gritty.  She is not afraid to explore new ways to fuse genres together like a tapestry created by the strings of her voice. The first album she religiously listened to was Carol King’s “Tapestry”. Sequentially, her music has similar tones to Carol King, Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones. 

Luno Rae is a writer for 3 Diamond Publishing, LLC/ Moonbender Publishing and Productions and King Chickadee Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information on Luno Rae please email: letticia@3diamondpublishing.com or contact@lunorae.com 

These are the people who made this album come to life.
Executive Producers:  Roy and Letticia Goodwin
Producer: Carlos "C.C." Gordon 
Musicians: C.C. Gordon, Buddy Hyatt, Bobby Terry, Lonnie Wilson, James Mitchell, Duncan Mullins
Strings: Cremaine Booker, Corrie Covell
Horns: Marcus Moore, David Keller
Background Vocals: Marini Facey, Nellie Boyts
Engineers: Zach Allen, C.C.Gordon
Mastering: Tommy Dorsey at Masterfonics in Nashville, TN  
Studio: Stage Write Studios, Sound Emporium In Nashville, TN

Photography:  Anna Haas at Redharefoto.com

CD Graphics: Brock Boyts at Brockoli.com



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